Georgia Bulldogs

Add Georgia headlines to your website.

Our team widgets make it easy to include SportSpyder headlines on your own website. It's as simple as copying and pasting some javascript code to your website's source.

View Example Widget

To add the widget to your website:

1. Copy and paste the javascript from an example below into your website source code.
Mainstream Georgia Bulldogs headlines
2. Add your own custom css styles to make it fit your website. for example:

Examples of our widget in action on other websites.

Some Tips

  • View the source code of the example to see it in action.
  • This example has "limit=6" set (see above code). This will cause the feed to return 6 articles. You can adjust this to bring back from 1 - 12 articles.
  • Play with the styles using CSS. You can make elements disappear by using { display: none; }
  • The feed may be unavailable at times or change format but we will do our best minimize this.