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  • Turnt, posted up on the block, waiting for mail. From my brothers posted up in the county, praying for bail. I gotta go to work.
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  • Malik Hall. Damn. What a coming out party! And, Myles Powell. Double damn. That dude is a baller!
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  • The new “flop rule” in college basketball is ridiculously stupid. Here’s an idea...if you see a flop, DON’T REWARD IT BY CALLING IT A FOUL. Simple. This new flop rule is an unfair burden on officials, unfair to players, and a needless pain in the **** for fans.
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  • What purpose is served by making this player sit out a year? None. The NCAA’s transfer policy is unconscionable.
    EXCLUSIVE: Jahvon Quinerly’s parents speak for the first time since family was accused of taking money from ex-Arizona coach:
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  • RT @SJUHawks_FH: The Hawks are in Charlottesville...tune in tomorrow at 2:30 p.m.! #THWND #SoarHigher
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  • Hawks guard Kevin Huerter diagnosed with a left rotator cuff strain with an associated shoulder capsule strain, per team. Will start treatment and rehab and be re-examined in two weeks.
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